Reminded of the gap: why men still get paid more in UK public sector

In 2018, the first year of compulsory gender pay gap reporting, women working in the public sector earned 86p for every £1 their male counterparts did. In 2021, that dropped to 84p.

The vast majority – 88.7% – of 1,545 public sector organisations reported a median pay gap in favour of men, with 693 paying men at least 20% more than women.

Of the 50 organisations with the widest gaps –private or public sector – 18 were multi-academy trusts, which run academy schools.

The Learning for Life Partnership, which operates five primary schools in Cheshire East, reported a median pay gap of 77.2%, with women earning on average 23p for every £1 their male colleagues did, while the Pele Trust in Northumberland had a median gap of 72.5%. In all, 80 academies had gaps of 50% or more.

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