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Our School

Gamesley Community Primary School, in one of the most deprived areas of the country with many children receiving additional support for health, social and academic reasons, is a success story.  The staff are a hard-working and committed team who want the very best for the children they serve and work tirelessly to provide a safe, enriching and stimulating environment where children flourish. We have the confidence of parents and partner agencies, and the school is held in very high regard in the local and wider community.

The Ofsted Bullet

Our school was inspected by OFSTED on 13th and 14th March this year.  We have complained that the inspection was conducted in an unprofessional manner with an outcome which:

  • Graded the school inadequate and requiring “special measures”
  • Does not in any way describe the school that our staff, children, governors, partner agencies and the wider community recognise.
  • Ignored all positive aspects of the school and skewed/ignored the evidence and facts to make our school fit into a pre-determined prejudice.
  • Provided findings which we believe were prejudiced, inconsistent and unreasonable.
  • Triggered the conversion process to Sponsored Academy; an Academy Order was made before our report was published.

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