Queen’s Speech – all to fight for, NO to Academies!

aaa Announcements in Queen’s speech

• Moving towards a system where all schools are academies, and all schools are funded fairly.

• Converting schools to academies in the worst performing local authorities and those that can no longer viably support their remaining schools, so that a new system led by good and outstanding schools can take their place.

• Setting the foundation for a system in which all schools are academies, putting our great school leaders in charge of running and improving schools to improve results.

• Moving towards a system where every school is an academy through powers to convert schools to academies in under-performing and unviable local authorities.

• Making the process of becoming an academy swifter and smoother for schools and local authorities.

• Setting out a new role for local authorities, by shifting responsibility for school improvement from the LA to great heads and others in the school system.

It is important that anti academy campaigners step up the fight, Nicky Morgans attempted  to impose forced academies on all schools has exposed the governments plans to millions of people. A large number of parents have become active in opposing these plans. Morgan was forced to swerve as she recognised the huge opposition that stood in her way. The new proposals are intended to accomplish the same but in a more piecemeal way. We have forced them to change plans once we can force them to drop these proposals. Academies are no solution to school improvement. The NUT ballot on the effects of academisation on teachers and schools is to be welcomed. Parents can support by by organising protests and meetings. Say no to forced academies!

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