Small Heath Victory – academy sponsors pull out


London Region NUT sends solidarity greetings

After several days of strike action teachers in Small Heath school in Birmingham have been told that their school will not become an academy.

The King Edward Foundation has confirmed in writing to Sir Mike Tomlinson on 26th January…that the Foundation is not in a position to take on sponsorship of Small Heath School’. He goes on to state, ‘I am therefore in a position to confirm unequivocally that there is at present no known potential sponsor for Small Heath School…’ and finally ‘…there is no concrete proposal for the school to become an Academy and we are not aware of any potential sponsors under consideration by the Department for Education.’
It is also the case that key figures on the IEB with links to The King Edwards Foundation have resigned their positions.

Teachers have been balloted to strike over the victimisation of school rep Simon O’Hara and insist that strikes will continue until Simon’s reinstatement.

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