Academy fighter victimised

Please sign this important petitiosmall haethn to stop academisation at Small Heath school and calling for an end to the victimisation of the NUT rep, Simon o’Hara who has been suspended after leading strike action.

Petition here


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5 Responses to Academy fighter victimised

  1. Dave Trotman says:

    Forced academisation and the suspension of a dissenting Union voice – surely scandalous behaviour for any organisation that claims to serve the cause of education in a modern democracy?

  2. Kate Katafiasz says:

    This is a shockingly unproductive development!

  3. John Peters says:

    Supporting local democracy means listening and engaging in debate not seeking to silence those who disagree. Union officers in particular have a crucial role in such debate and deserve thanks for their active citizenship not punishment for speaking out.

  4. Helen Lees says:

    Please engage in discussion with this rep, not punitive measures.

  5. Nurjehan Khan says:

    It is unacceptable to suspend a Union Rep.

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