AAA Conference calls for education to go to the top of the class


Teachers and leaders joined union representatives at a day-long event in London to discuss the future of education as the campaigns for the general election begin to heat up.

A conference of about 100 teachers and union members last weekend called for education to be brought to the top of the agenda in the run-up to this May’s general election.

Professor Gus John, Institute of Education

Hosted on Saturday by the South East Regional Trades Union Congress (SERTUC), the event –”An even better state education for all in schools: equity and equality in education” – drew speakers from across the debate, although with a strong anti-academies and free school message as the Anti Academies Alliance was an
event partner.

Discussions centred around the education select committee’s report, published last month, which said there was no evidence, yet, that academies improved educational outcomes for their pupils, and around reports from the Public Accounts Committee and National Audit Office that raised questions about financial conduct in the academy system.

Teaching unions such as the NUT, NASUWT and ATL took part, as well as Unison and Unite.

Linda Norrby from the Swedish teachers’ union Lärarförbundet also joined the sessions to discuss problems arising from the introduction of its “free schools”.


Read Schools Week report from the SERTUC and AAA conference

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