Gove has gone! What now?

gove ugly 2Michael Gove has been removed from his post of Secretary of State for Education in the cabinet reshuffle.

Gove will become the Chief Whip and not therefore not a full member of the cabinet although he will attend as a member of the Prime Ministers team. John Rentoul suggests that he will advise Cameron on a range of policies. It is being said that this is a humiliation for Gove and that he will rise no further in the Government.

Michael Wilshaw, head of OFSTED, appearing on LBC radio was said to be almost speechless when told of Gove’s departure.

He is to be replaced by Nicky Morgan who voted against same sex marriage. Some commentators are saying that she is a “clean skin” after the disaster of Gove at Education. Her right wing reputation will not reassure many however, dubbed the “minister for straight women” she is on record as voting against gay marriage and to restrict the right to abortion. Educated at a private school she is a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship and is an Oxford graduate. 

Significantly the new Education Secretary is to keep her day job as Minister for Women and is expected to learn her new role at education, suggesting that education will not be a priority in the run up to the election. Her appointment may be an attempt to lessen the dissonance caused in education circles by Gove.


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