A grammar school in every town – UKIP tries to turn the clock back

By Dave Gilchrist


Failed and divisive

Nigel Farage has given the first indication of UKIP education policy: A grammar school in every town.

This is a failed, backward and divisive policy.

Even OFSTED head Michael Wilshaw recognises that grammar schools are about social segregation, not about social mobility.

They are according to the OFSTED head “stuffed with middle class children”. They might do well with those children but according to Sir Michael “everyone else does badly”. That is why we need a good local school for every child.

This old fashioned nonsense is no surprise from a party that is using lies about shortage of school places to make racist claims about immigrants.

Immigrants are not to blame for shortage of school places. Politicians have known about the school places bulge for many years and done nothing about it. Gove puts ideology above the needs of our children and squanders billions on “free” schools that fail to meet the need for places. He has prevented Local Authorities from opening new schools.

Immigration is not a problem but an asset; it enriches our school communities allowing young people to learn much more about the different perspectives of people from around the world. The diversity and inclusiveness of our multicultural education system is what makes it so attractive and dynamic.

“A grammar in every town” was the old Tory party slogan, even they have dropped it. Grammar, “free” schools or academies are not answers to the questions posed by our education system.

UKIP have no real interest in or knowledge of education. Talk about Grammar schools is an attempt to further woo right wing Tory voters. Worse, UKIP are a racist party that seeks to divide our communities and our multicultural schools.

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