New free school in Wembley will deliver a private standard of education, claims headteacher

Katherine Birbalsingh told the Times Michaela Community School, which will operate at Arena House in North End Road, in September will also implement a system to ‘nurture’ interaction between children and their parents.

The mother-of-one came into the public’s radar after launching a scathing attack on the standard of education at a Conservative party conference back in 2010 – costing her job.

In her speech, she condemned ‘the culture of excuses’ something she stands by today, and aims to deliver a ‘traditional’ approach to schooling.

She said: “Our ethos is very much about teaching children. We do not believe in teachers being facilitators of learning and that’s too often the case.

“We believe in desks being in rows, children looking to the front at their teachers.

For more on Katherine Birbalsingh’s attempts to set up a free school in London click here

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