Save Abbey Meadows Primary School from forced Academisation

“After hearing about the OFSTED report (Easter 2013) some parents were baffled – several things did not add up.

Particularly, why should the school be given a rating of ‘inadequate overall’ when most of what the report had to say was positive?

We did a little research, and soon came up with some very interesting information…. It looks like Abbey Meadows may be caught up with a political decision to convert as many large schools as possible to Academy status – by force if necessary.

Having done more research, we are convinced that there are no signficant benefits in Abbey Meadows becoming an Academy, and many likely disadvantages (particularly lower teacher morale, less accountability and diversion of funds).  Simply put, we do not feel that it is being done in the interests of our children, but for political motives.  We have put this site together to help inform parents of what we understand is going on.”

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