Save Roke Primary School Campaign launches fund raising appeal

‘Roke parents are trying to raise funds to mount a legal challenge against the Department of Education. They want to fight off forced academy and sponsorship by the Harris Federation. All donations no matter how large or small gratefully received. Thank you for your support!

This money will allow us to instruct leading lawyer, Laura Hughes to mount a case to fight off the DfE and forced academy at Roke. Laura has a reputation in the field of academy law and has fought and won similar cases.’

Roke parent group.
Click here for SaveRoke website

To donate, please use donate button on this website, using paypal. If sending cheques, watch out for more details coming soon.

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5 Responses to Save Roke Primary School Campaign launches fund raising appeal

  1. Peter Rowley says:

    This government is not now in charge of events and is very weak. A determined campaign properly organised with the total commitment of trade unions, parents and the Labour party could see Gove stopped in his tracks.He is making our education system mirror the principles of the last centuryb and apriceless asset for sale to big business and religious fanatics.

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks to all those who contributed to the campaign. I regret that I haven’t had the time to acknowledge every donation – but they are all recorded!

  3. John Viner says:

    I hate this vile ideological bullying that Gove and his henchmen are undertaking. Read my ‘Jackboot and Bribery’ Education Monkey blog at blogspot. The DfE absolutely accept that this is what is going on; there is no remorse, no attempt at justification and no remission.

  4. r atkinson says:

    I’ve just donated £50 to your campaign. I hope others will follow suit. Good luck!

  5. Mari Booker says:

    I support your campaign not to be forced to become an academy.

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