Support Academy strikers this week

Update: Teachers will take action on Tuesday 5th March and Wednesday 6th of this week.
NUT and NASUWT members at Alec Reed Academy in Northolt, Ealing west London are due to strike on Thursday 28 February with two more days the following week, then three days the next week.
The dispute is an escalation of the joint-union action short of strike action, caused by the employers refusal to meet either union to discuss their many excessive practices.
Both unions are also considering an additional ballot for action to win proper union recognition. The employer claims that the TUPE transfer in 2002, when the school became West London Academy, did not include union recognition yet officers of both unions were involved in union recruitment activities on site in its early years.
The employer’s solicitor informed both unions earlier this week that it regards the strikes as unlawful. Both unions have rejected that view and are pressing ahead with the planned strikes.
Whilst issues such as bullying and excessive workload have been a feature of this school for many years this strike represents a qualitative change in staff’s willingness to act collectively. Their confidence will be boosted by any and all messages of solidarity.
Please rush messages to the NUT rep Andy Thomas at
With copies to Ealing NUT Assistant Sec Stefan Simms at
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4 Responses to Support Academy strikers this week

  1. Former employee says:

    As a former employee of WLA (now Alec Reed Academy), I can’t tell u how pleased I am to read this. I’m just hopeful it will have a positive effect. The wrong actions of the management at this school against their staff and blatant disregard for their staff must be put to an end

  2. sajan says:

    i go to alec reed acedemy

  3. Jane says:

    Congratulations and support to those who have come out on strike. Let us hope that teachers in other academies will feel encouraged by your action. All round the country teachers are becoming more vulnerable to bullying.

    At a time when Michael Gove is trying to smash the unions, downgrade pay and privatise education, a strike such as yours is a shining light in the gloom.

  4. former employee says:

    This is very appropriate!!

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