Save Elliott School Submission to Wandsworth Council’s Public Consultation

Submission to Wandsworth Council’s Public Consultation
regarding the proposals for Elliott School,  London SW15 3DG

This report has been prepared by members of the Save Elliott School Campaign. It is also available as a PDF for downloading and printing. We’d also like you to read the council’s official consultation document available here.

If you agree with this report and the aims of the campaign them please sign our petition lodged at Wandsworth Council and sign up to our newsletter. You can contact us at

The campaign stems from the deep concerns of a group of individuals, horrified at what was being proposed, the speed with which it was being carried forward making it so difficult to object to, and the wholly inadequate way in which Wandsworth Borough Council have conducted themselves over the marketing of the land and the Public Consultation. We are all acting as individuals under the umbrella of the campaign, together trying to raise awareness of the issues in very difficult circumstances. Like Wandsworth Council, we want a fantastic school for the future, one which the children deserve, and we are passionate about seeing the school refurbished.

The campaign is not party political. The political allegiances of our members are broad and include the parties forming the current Government. Many people (potential objectors included) have only been made aware of these proposals in the past couple of months. The campaign, therefore, could be said to be still in its infancy, but it is growing and maturing rapidly. We want a school with the same high standards which we experienced when we studied, taught or governed Elliott, or higher still, and consider ourselves duty-bound to fight for this for future generations.

We believe that there are other practical alternatives, which need not put the future of the school at risk, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with the official bodies concerned. We also believe that there is much common ground which needs to be explored. We understand the issues of a falling roll and potential loss of teaching staff, but consider this a related but substantially separate matter to the sale of the grounds which can be successfully addressed by WBC by other means.

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  1. The name of Baroness Sally Morgan crops up yet again. Baroness Morgan, ex director of scandal hit failed care home group Southern Cross,is also Chairman of Ofsted and a Director of ARK Academy chain.She a was also a councillor at Wandsworth Borough Council between 1986 and 1990!!ARK is the academy sponsor that will take over the running of Elliott School in September 2012.

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