300 lobby against Bolton Muslim Girls School becoming an academy

Over 300 school workers, parents, residents and students lobbied Governors arriving for a meeting at the Muslim Girls School in Bolton to discuss moving towards Academy status.

Students holding home-made placards shouted defiance as the Governors arrived ready to rubber stamp proposals put on the table by some who are known to be acting on behalf of wealthy and influential backers.

The lobby followed a large combined union meeting earlier in the week where school workers unanimously voted to boycott a meeting with the Chair of Governors to discuss Academy status.

The school had returned to local authority control several years ago, much to the wishes and benefit of the local community, staff and pupils. It is a successful school where learning is celebrated and prized. Now it seems a cabal of local businessmen and their supporters have their sights on grabbing the school to enhance their own interests.

The Governors meeting room was barracked by students calling for their school not to be sold off.  This spectacular response to Governor machinations ensured the vote by them to go to an Academy was shelved.

Now further union meetings are planned and a community/union strategy is emerging to resist Academy proposals.

Barry Conway

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