Support Downhills Newspaper

Haringey Anti Academies Alliance has produced a ‘Support Downhills’ newspaper.

With articles on:

  • Downhills Community still say ‘No Forced Academy’
  • David Lammy MP on ‘Forced academies are undemocratic’
  • Articles by parents, teachers, support staff and former governor
  • Spotlight on Sponsors – Harris Federation
  • ‘Ode to Michael Gove’
  • Susan Moyse, who is challenging Gove in the courts on ‘We are not the ideologues, We just want our community school back’

Click here to download the newspaper

If you would like copies of the newspaper to distribute contact:

Haringey Campaign Against Academies

Save Downhills School

Save Downhills on Facebook

Anti Academies Alliance

07528 201 697



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1 Response to Support Downhills Newspaper

  1. Hmmm. parental choice seems to stop when parents choose something Michael, the bear of Very Little Brain, doesn’t agree with. I totally admire Downhills determination to fight, and to fight on.

    Victoria Jaquiss

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