Public meeting called to launch campaign against proposed Hackney ‘free’ school

Opponents of so-called free schools in Hackney, including local parents and teachers, have called a public meeting on Wednesday 14 March to launch a campaign against plans by corporate financial adviser Andreas Wesemann and others to open what he wants to call the Hackney Free School in the borough.
Speakers at the meeting – being held in the CLR James Library, Dalston Square, E8 3BQ starting at 7pm – include Alasdair Smith (Secretary of the Anti-Academies Alliance, Hackney parent, Dean Ryan, other local parents and councillors.
An online petition against the Hackney New School proposal can be signed at  and anti-free school campaigners will be collecting signatures and distributing flyers for the meeting outside Dalston Kingsland
station this Saturday and the following one from 11am onwards.
Hackney parent of two, Ken Muller, said:
“The last thing Hackney kids and their parents need are privately run schools in the borough which are unaccountable to the local community, leech money away from other schools, and help to create a two-tier system of schooling for the benefit of a minority of better off children.
“The Coalition government’s plans for the country’s schools are little different from what they are trying to do to the  NHS. They want a free market and competition between schools, just like they do between hospitals- and bumper profits for the private companies who run them.
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2 Responses to Public meeting called to launch campaign against proposed Hackney ‘free’ school

  1. Nicola Gibson says:

    I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all the work you are doing. I will be able to make a small donation. I live in Brighton & Hove & am very concerned by what is happening.

    Keep up the good work and know that you have a lot of support.

    Nicky Gibson

  2. Thomas Maltby says:

    Everything Michael Gove and the Tories have been doing to State Education has been wrong. The rise of Academies and thatcherite racist bullying snobs who have run some of them in hackney including the appalling Olivia Cole shows just how terrible this can be; it doesn’t get worse. That you are removing all the protection from children and staff from such people is horrific. “free” only stands for “freedom of a small group of individuals to exploit.

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