OASIS Media City Academy strike report

Teachers at OASIS Media City Academy in Salford were on strike today against a proposal to rush through 13 redundancies.

10 of the redundancies are teachers, outof 47 teachers. OASIS are planning to get rid of over 20% of their teaching staff. We understand that some of the teachers identified for redundancy have been asked to return in January are supply staff, raising questions about why they are to be sacked in the first place.

No teachers went in today, meaning all 47 were on strike. NASUWT and NUT members have indicated that they want to take more action. The redundancy proposal has been rushed through, with just 5 weeks from first discussion to the redundancies. The unions want OASIS to come back the table to discuss a more appropriate time period.

As we reported before the strike, the number of senior managers in OASIS has soared in the last year. There are 42 staff in the OASIS chain on more than £60,000 per year, between them taking home at least £3,120,000.

Read more at the Salford Star

Messages of support should be sent urgently to a.gilmore@nut.org.uk and charlotte.metters@mail.nasuwt.org.uk

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