Neston High School parents and staff oppose academy proposal

Officials from the three teaching Unions (NUT, NASUWT and ATL) and UNISON (representing support staff) met with their members at Neston High School, Cheshire, on the 18th October.  Those who were present at the end of the meeting voted on whether or not they supported the proposal that Neston High change its status and become an Academy.  43 opposed the proposal, 4 abstained – no-one was in favour of seeing the school become an Academy.
This meeting was followed by a parents’ consultation evening.  Anti-Academy campaigners were allowed to give out their literature inside the school and were even given coffee and biscuits. Click here to read the parents’ letter
Governors will meet on 16th of November to make a decision.  We hope they will listen to what their staff, parents and unions have to say.


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2 Responses to Neston High School parents and staff oppose academy proposal

  1. Bob Jonson says:

    i am a former student of neston high and see that even though the school is very good in certain areas I believe there are bad areas which if the school had more ortonomy my give them chance to alter and change dysfunctional departments in the school I would suggest that the schools teaching staff are thinking more about there jobs then making a better learning enviroment in the school

  2. Allen Burton says:

    Education should not be turned into a commercially saleable commodity. There is no manifesto for this blatently Conservative dogma.

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