Academy summary data to October 2011

There are now 1,350 Academies open in England, up 50 from last month. 45 schools applied to become an Academy in September.

60% of Secondary schools have not applied – 1885 schools

3% of Primary schools are Academies, 483 schools out of 15173


Click here to download the data by LA

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2 Responses to Academy summary data to October 2011

  1. Jane says:

    It doesn’t need to be two schools into one. If the shadow structure of the new academy renames or redefines posts, staff may still find that in order to maintain seniority they have to apply for different jobs. For example, if the pastoral structure is changed, there may be fewer year heads or pastoral leaders. Thus an ex year head may retain salary but, when applying for a job in another school, could be applying as a main scale teacher.

  2. I Mitchell says:

    Staff need to be aware especially when two schools are formed into one Academy, the selection process for staff normally works from appointment of senior staff and heads of department down to appointment of teaching staff. Senior staff can be offered several interviews until they secure a position, this can result in teachers being forced to apply for positions that do not actually exist. This I feel is an unfair practice

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