55 new ‘Free’ schools announced

The Govement has announced the opening of 55 new ‘Free’ schools in 2012. The list is below.

We will analyse the list, now it has finally been released.

There were 281 ‘Free’ school applications, of which only 55 were considered suitable to be allowed to open. It would be interesting to see the rest.

The New Schools Network, the so-called charity that is closely linked to Gove, has complained that “The DfE has been over cautious”.

The list includes the Michaela ‘Free’ school, which is led by Katherine Birbalsingh, who is famous for condemning teachers at the Tory Conference in 2010.

The first 24 ‘Free’ schools to open cost £130 million. How much more will be spent getting these 55 ready? ‘Free’ schools are paid for by the tax payer, yet we have no say over them.

Click here for more on the first 24 ‘Free’ schools

While Michael Gove is enthusiastically copying ‘Free’ schools from the Swedish education system, educationalists and politicians in Sweden are coming to terms with the damage that ‘Free’ schools have done.

In a recent report SNS, a prominent Swedish business funded thinktank, expressed deep concerns about the impact of allowing for-profit suppliers to run Swedish schools. Also ‘Free’ schools are being accused of deeping segregation. See more in this Guardian report

List below taken from the DfE website here

Free Schools: Successful Wave 2 Applications
School Name Local Authority Phase Website
Alban City School Hertfordshire Primary www.albancityschool.org.uk
An Noor School Derby City All-Through www.annoorinstitute.org.uk
Atherton Community School Wigan Secondary
Barrow 1618 Shropshire Primary
Barwick’s Own 2nd Secondary School (BO2SS) Stockton-on-Tees Secondary www.inglebybo2ss.co.uk
Becket Keys Church School Essex Secondary www.becketkeys.org
Brighton Bilingual Primary School Brighton and Hove Primary www.blpsp.org.uk
CET Primary School Tower Hamlets Primary www.cetrust.net
CET Primary School Westminster Primary www.cetrust.net
Chorley Career and Sixth Form Academy Lancashire Secondary www.chorleycareeracademy.co.uk
City of Peterborough Academy Peterborough Secondary
Cobham Free School Surrey Primary www.cobhamfreeschool.org.uk
Compass School, Southwark Southwark Secondary http://www.compass-schools.co.uk/our-southwark-school.html
Corby Free School Northamptonshire Secondary http://www.tresham.ac.uk/news/latest/1123_free-school-proposed-for-secondary-education-in-corby 
Cramlington Village Primary School Northumberland Primary http://villageprimary.org/
Dixons City Free Primary Bradford Primary
Dixons City Free School Bradford Secondary
Emmanuel Community School Waltham Forest Primary http://emmanuelcommunityschool.org.uk/
EN3 Primary School Enfield Primary www.enfieldprimaryschool.org.uk
Europa School UK Oxfordshire All-Through www.europaschooluk.org
Frome Steiner Academy Somerset All-Through http://fromesteineracademy.co.uk
Gateway Primary Free School Thurrock Primary
Golders Green Jewish Primary School Barnet Primary
Grindon Hall Free School Sunderland All-Through www.grindonhall.com/homepage.asp 
Haringey Free School Haringey Primary www.e-act.org.uk/free-schools
Harpenden Free School Hertfordshire Primary
Hatfield Community Free School Hertfordshire Primary www.hatfieldcommunityfreeschool.org.uk
King’s School Woolston Warrington Secondary www.kingsschoolwoolston.co.uk
Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy Enfield Primary
London Academy of Excellence Newham 16-19
Michaela Community School Lambeth Secondary www.michaelacommunityschool.co.uk
Newham Free Academy Newham Secondary www.newhamfreeacademy.co.uk
Nishkam School Trust Birmingham Secondary http://nishkamschooltrust.org/ 
North Ealing Church of England Academy Ealing Secondary http://schools.london.anglican.org/119/north-ealing-church-of-england-academy-necea
One in a Million Free School Bradford Secondary https://sites.google.com/a/oneinamillion.org.uk/freeschool/home
Parkfield New School Bournemouth All-Through www.parkfieldnewschool.org.uk
Pimlico Primary Westminster Primary
Reach Academy: Feltham Hounslow All-Through www.reachacademyfeltham.com
Reading University Technical Academy Reading Secondary
Rotherham Central Free School Rotherham Secondary www.rotherham-central-free-school.co.uk
Sandymoor School Halton Secondary www.sandymoorschool.org.uk
School 21 Newham All-Through http://newhamschool21.org/ 
Southwark Free School Southwark Primary http://www.facebook.com/SouthwarkFreeSchool
St Chaitanya’s School Harrow All-Through www.i-foundation.org
St Michael’s Catholic Secondary School Cornwall Secondary www.stmichaelstruro.org.uk
The Beccles Free School Suffolk Secondary
The Excellence Academy Sandwell Secondary www.excellenceacademy.org.uk
The Greenwich Free School Greenwich Secondary www.greenwichfreeschool.co.uk
The Hawthorne’s Free School Sefton Secondary http://hawthornes.org.uk/
The Rural Enterprise Academy Staffordshire Secondary
The Saxmundham Free School Suffolk Secondary www.fromusvalleyeducation.org
The Swanage School Dorset Secondary www.educationswanage.co.uk
The Tiger School Kent Primary http://www.futureschoolstrust.com/news/view/1678 
Wapping High School Tower Hamlets Secondary www.wappinghigh.org/news
West of Wokingham Secondary Free School Wokingham Secondary www.wowschool.org.uk
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