Welcome to our new website

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website.

Since Michael Gove came to office there has been a relentless drive to force schools to become Academies. The Academies Act was designed to allow schools to become Academies with little consultation and having no requirement that they take notice of the opinion of parents, staff, pupils or local councillors.

In some areas schools have become Academies before the parents had time to come to terms with the change, and to consider their opinion on it.

In many areas parents, staff and pupils have resisted the Academy proposals. There are a growing number of campaigns against schools becoming Academies. We expect that this term, as Michael Gove turns his attention to Primary schools, to see many more campaigns.

Our new website is designed to help you campaign, with bulletins, leaflets and other campaign materials on our resources page.

Our Q&A pages mean that as well as contacting the office with enquiries, you can post your enquiry on our site and other campaigners will be able to assist you with their experiences.

We will be building up a collection of research, links to useful organisations and stories about existing Academies on our Academy Watch page.

You can also read AAA national secretary Alasdair Smith’s blog.

We are still transferring material from our old website, so there will be much more available soon.

Have a look around the new site – we hope you like it.

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