Midlands Anti Academies Conference

Fighting Academy conversions and Free Schools

12th November

Birmingham & Midlands Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS. (Behind the Council House)


9.30am Registration
10am – 11.30am Opening Plenary

11.30am – 11.45am Refreshments
11.45am – 12.45pm Workshops
1pm – 2pm Closing plenary

Opening Plenary – Where is our education system heading?
Chair: Nina Franklin
Speakers: Ken Purchase, Tim Crumpton, Hank Roberts

● Free schools – Dispelling the myths. Rick Hatcher
● Building a community campaign. Sarah Barton , Tim Crumpton
● Building a campaign amongst staff. Nina Franklin, Jeremy Paige
● What do Academies mean for school governors and Head teachers?  Keith Archer, headteacher

Closing Plenary – Building the resistance to Academies
Speakers: Mark Raychell, Sarah Barton, Keith Archer, Alasdair Smith


About our Speakers:

● Nina Franklin. NUT president
● Tim Crumpton. Shadow cabinet member, children’s services, Dudley council. Tim helped organise the campaign which prevented Colley Lane school from becoming an academy
● Hank Roberts. ATL senior vice president
● Richard Hatcher. Professor of Education, Birmingham City University. Joint chair Alliance Against Birmingham Academies
● Sarah Barton. Hands off Bourneville School which fought off an academy proposal
● Ken Purchase. former Wolverhampton MP and honorary chair of the Anti Academies Alliance
● Keith Archer. longstanding school governor who prevented his school becoming an academy
● Jeremy Paige. NUT rep at Bournville School which fought off an academy proposal

● Mark Raychell. Kingswinford NUT rep, currently fighting an academy proposal

Organised by the Anti Academies Alliance

Click here to download leaflet

To register send your details to PO Box 14412, Birmingham, B11 9DZ

or Register online here

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2 Responses to Midlands Anti Academies Conference

  1. AAA office says:

    Hi Geoff
    We have initiated 2 conferences, in the ‘Midlands’ and the ‘North West’. Both have similar geographic complications.
    We are preparing to organise more conferences across the country and would be happy to look at running one in the East Midlands.
    Pete Jackson, AAA office

  2. Geoff Gay says:

    Midlands NUT region consists of West Midlands plus Leicestershire.
    We in Leics. have always said this is not a natural division and not particularly helpful to us in Leics. As this Conference is in Birmingham, it is very likely that the main input will be from those based in the West Midlands, and that East Mids in general and Leics. in particular will not have much of a look in. I believe it would have been better to have two conferences, one in West Mids and one in East Mids.

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