Haverstock school abandons Academy plans

Haverstock school in Camden has announced that it will abandon plans to become an Academy. This follows preparations to campaign against the plans by staff and the NUT. There were plans to leaflet parents later this week. The school had started their consultation on Friday.

Haverstock school is particularly important because Ed and David Miliband are former pupils.

At the TUC Ed Miliband was heckled by delegates after supporting Academies.

Alasdair Smith, Anti Academies Alliance national secretary responded to the news

The rejection of academy status at Haverstock school is an important victory.

Haverstock School is a model comprehensive school with a fantastic record of meeting the needs and raising the attainment of a diverse local community. The school lies at the heart of the Local Authority family of schools.

It is a rejection of the privatised, market orientated school system that the political and media elite want to roll out across the country.

We hope school leaders everywhere will now recognise that the swift and massive opposition threatened by education unions, parents and the local community confirms that there is no popular mandate for academy conversion.

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4 Responses to Haverstock school abandons Academy plans

  1. fay says:

    haverstock is nice but they need to change stuff that i cant tell. i/ve been to haverstock school 2 year den i can not ignore that devastating toilets more stuff dat they need to change

  2. fay says:

    my comment is dat haverstock school is descastink

  3. rob Atkinson says:

    When is the Labour Party leadership going to wake up to the fact that the general public do not want the ‘dog eat dog’ world of competing academies ? what people want are decent local schools which set out to serve the needs of their communities and give every child the best education which is appropriate to them. In most parts of the country local schools enjoy the support and have the confidence of their local community. in the comparativelly small number of schools that are failing the state should intervene but why are we forcing the vast majority of schools down the road to academies ?

  4. sarah dodds says:

    Brilliant news.
    Congratulations to all those who have been involved with this.
    I do wonder when the Labour party will wake up to the opposition to academies within the Labour party, not just from within the trade union movement.

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