Academy chain wants to run 250 schools

Academy chain E-Act wants to run 250 schools within the next 5 years.

This shocking revelation has been announced by Sir Bruce Liddington, formerly a schools commissioner and now head of E-Act. E-Act currently runs 11 Academies.

E-Act were formerly known as Edutrust. They changed their operating name after the then head of Edutrust Lord Bhatia was accused of financial mismanagement and forced to resign.


Lord Bhatia quits Edutrust charity after financial failings


Sir Bruce is paid £265,000 and has a lavish lifestyle funded by E-Act.


E-ACT boss on £265k is best paid person in school and college education


Sir Bruce told The TES that he expects the group to have around 50 free schools, 50 “traditional” academies that replace underperforming schools, 100 “converter” academies and 50 primary schools.

Sir Bruce said that E-ACT was “really very keen” on free schools, which would allow the chain to respond to what parents want. “I’m hugely excited about the opportunity for flexibility and we intend to take advantage of that,” he said.


TES article here Academy sponsor in talks over ‘super-chain’

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