14 Mar 2015

A new survey out by YouGov, March 2015, shows the opinion of people about the preferred level of the private sector in running public services. …

28 Oct 2014


Four years after Michael Gove became Secretary of State for Education, and more than ten years after the very first academy opened, some fear that the academies programme has now gone too far to stop. Have most schools now become academies? Has the convertor programme proved popular and replaced the need for sponsored academies? Are primary schools converting at an increasing rate? What does the data tell us?

20 Mar 2014

Just 11% of English Primary schools are academies, and primaries make up the vast bulk of schools. Clearly Michael Gove has a long way to go to reach his dream, and he is running out of time.

26 Sep 2013

Rumour has it that policy wonks in the DfE are hard at work on how to manage “market failures”.
Indeed the number of failing academies is soaring. But then ‘failure’ is hardwired into a system of rationed exam success, the ever-changing goalpost of OFSTED and unbridled greed of ‘social entrepreneurs’ who now claim they have a special responsibility to transform education. Peter Hyman – pass the sick bucket please.

18 Sep 2013

An Academic Debate?
Long Form News/Factual Winner 
An investigation into how the cost of the government’s academy schools programme went from nominal to astronomical and an assessment …

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