30 Mar 2012

The Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) is the fastest growing Academy chain. There are questions about the extent of AET experience. Do they have the capacity to run 38 schools? Do they have sufficient primary experience?

26 Mar 2012

Susan Moyse, a parent of a child at Downhills primary school, has advised the Secretary of State of her intention to seek a judicial review of the decision to replace the school’s Governing Body with an Interim Executive Board (“IEB”).

19 Mar 2012

One of the final tasks undertaken by the legitimate governing body was a parental ballot to gauge current views about academy status. The votes were counted on Friday 16th – 147 voted against, 14 for and 5 don’t knows.

14 Mar 2012

The Academies Show on Wednesday 16th May will be a privatisation jamboree with for-profit providers touting their wares. As Michael Gove forces increasing numbers of schools to become academies, the edubusinesses are queuing up to cash in.

7 Mar 2012

Gove has now identified 96 Primary schools and 65 secondary schools which are to become sponsored academies, many against the wishes of staff and pupils. We have looked at the GCSE results for these schools, it does not fill you with confidence.

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