9 Jun 2014

As Michael Gove and the DfE continue to hand our schools over to private sponsors as academies, or allow ‘free’ schools to be opened by an assortment of individuals and organisations, it is worth taking a quick look at just how many of these people are closely associated with the Conservative Party or Gove.

16 May 2014

Prospects Academy Trust has today announced it is folding and is ‘handing back’ its six academies. Prospects Academies Trust said it had been a “very difficult” year for supporting its academies. It has three schools in Paignton, Devon but the others are hundreds of miles away in Bexhill, Gloucester and the Forest of Dean while the trust’s HQ is in Bromley, Kent.

14 Mar 2014

The free school and academy programme has cost taxpayers nearly £80 million in private consultants’ fees, claims a new report.

Research carried out by the TUC has found that the Department for Education has paid £77 million of public funds to lawyers, head-hunters, accountants, estate agents and management consultants.

The TUC says that the money has been paid to 14 private firms which provide services to free schools and academies since the government took office.

1 Mar 2014

A damning report into the state of Barnfield College has revealed governors were kept in the dark about the parlous state of its finances.

Former principal Sir Peter Birkett also comes under fire after staff told investigators the culture at the college meant he could not be challenged.

25 Feb 2014

One of England’s biggest academy chains is giving up control of 10 schools amid concern over its standards, as campaigners say it is more evidence of why academies should be Ofsted inspected.

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