Special advisors

9 Jun 2014

As Michael Gove and the DfE continue to hand our schools over to private sponsors as academies, or allow ‘free’ schools to be opened by an assortment of individuals and organisations, it is worth taking a quick look at just how many of these people are closely associated with the Conservative Party or Gove.

26 Apr 2013

Sir Bruce Liddington – one of the best-paid figures in education – will announce his formal resignation on Friday after four years in charge of E-ACT.
It is believed Sir Bruce, who earned around £300,000 in 2010-11, including pension and expenses, agreed to quit after pressure was put on him by the organisation’s board.

3 Feb 2013

From The Observer
When the Observer’s political editor, Toby Helm, wrote a story last week about school sports he was attacked by a Twitter account linked to the Conservative party. The account has raised concerns within the party – yet the vicious attacks go on.

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