24 Jun 2014

We first posted this article in July 2011. However since News International, Rebekah Brookes and Rupert Murdoch are back in the news, it is a timely reminder about the people who Michael Gove considers should be running our schools.

9 Jun 2014

As Michael Gove and the DfE continue to hand our schools over to private sponsors as academies, or allow ‘free’ schools to be opened by an assortment of individuals and organisations, it is worth taking a quick look at just how many of these people are closely associated with the Conservative Party or Gove.

27 Feb 2012

Gove is a former Times columnist and reputedly a frequent visitor to Rebekah Brooks’ Oxfordshire set. But it is Gove’s ideological connection to Murdoch that really matters.

18 Jul 2011

The arrest of Rebekah Brookes, former Editor of the News of the World, as part of the investigation into phone hacking and the corrupting of Police Officers raises concerns over her position as a Governor of Furness Academy in Preston.

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