Hove Park

2 Oct 2014

Education and the Election – which way forward for education?
New Speaker added to Steering Committee
Open Meeting ALL Welcome

22 Sep 2014

Hove Park Governors Vote to Reject Academy Status

Statement from Hands Off Hove Park School campaign group:

“The parents, carers and members of the community that make up Hands Off Hove Park School are delighted and thrilled that the governors have ultimately made the right decision and voted no to academy status. This is an excellent result for the whole of this school community but also for all schools across Brighton & Hove.

7 Jul 2014

A vibrant demonstration against the plan to convert Hove Park School into an academy took the form of a noisy march through Hove and a picnic in the park on Saturday, 5th July.

Car horns beeped in support as the gathering of some 200 parents and carers, teachers, students and residents made their way across the city to the sound of wheelie-bin drums and a bugle.

12 May 2014

My daughter goes to Hove Park School in East Sussex. The management team of that school wants to turn it into an academy. Parents appear to not want that to happen. We are engaged in a process called consultation which is really a presentation but spelt differently. A process that has thus far amounted to receiving a glossy leaflet saying: ‘We’re thinking academy is the way to go.’ Parents have responded by saying: ‘We’d rather you didn’t.’ And the management team has replied: ‘Shush now’.