20 Nov 2014

We at the AAA have recently been sent copies of two letters regarding academy conversion. Both of the schools involved were Ofsted rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ and had applied to convert to academy status. Both have been refused permission to convert unless they become part of a ‘chain’ or multi academy trust (MAT).

17 Jul 2014

On the morning of Tuesday 15th July, ‘Hove Park not Gove Park’ badges became collectors’ items when Michael Gove lost the confidence of Dave Cameron and was demoted from Secretary of State for Education. On Tuesday afternoon, Brighton & Hove City Council announced the result of a ballot of Hove Park School parents. More than 1,500 parents had the vote and on a turnout higher than for local elections fewer than 160 voted to convert the school to an academy with more than 70% of those voting being clearly against conversion.

20 Jan 2014

Parents have recently received a letter informing them that the governors of the school have voted against the proposal to become an academy with REAch2 as its sponsor.

2 Oct 2013

Snaresbrook Primary School parents in East London are saying “no” to the proposed academisation of this much loved and successful local community school. The school is not failing – in fact it is among the best in the borough. Parents, the local community, councillors across all parties and MPs are all in agreement: “Snaresbrook Primary School is not broken and doesn’t need mending.” What’s more, the conduct of the Department of Eduction in this instance is disproportionate and potentially unlawful.

24 Jun 2013