17 Jul 2014

On the morning of Tuesday 15th July, ‘Hove Park not Gove Park’ badges became collectors’ items when Michael Gove lost the confidence of Dave Cameron and was demoted from Secretary of State for Education. On Tuesday afternoon, Brighton & Hove City Council announced the result of a ballot of Hove Park School parents. More than 1,500 parents had the vote and on a turnout higher than for local elections fewer than 160 voted to convert the school to an academy with more than 70% of those voting being clearly against conversion.

15 Jul 2014

Wilshaw stumbles on being told of Gove’s demotion. The Chief Inspector apparently does not know the new Secretary of State for Education.

15 Jul 2014

“I am leaving the profession and only one person turned up to interview for my replacement. I know of two other schools which have been so far unable to fill vacant positions in my subject, all in greater Manchester. maybe people will take notice when there are not enough teachers left who want to do the job any more.”

15 Jul 2014

Michael Gove has been removed from his post of Secretary of State for Education in the cabinet reshuffle.
Gove will become the Chief Whip and not …

26 Jun 2014

The story about the ‘Trojan horse’ affair in Birmingham has dominated the education headlines for several weeks. Many questions have been raised: cronyism amongst governors, the role of religion in state schools, the difficulty in recruiting governors when the stakes are so high and the ultimate power of one person, Michael Gove, the Secretary of State, to make decisions in schools.

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