9 Dec 2013

EduFacts aims to challenge Government and media rhetoric by presenting the facts about what’s going on in our schools, our education system and in the …

2 May 2012

Henry Stewart from the Local Schools Network speaking at the Haringey Schools Conference.
Henry has done devastating work on academy performance.

7 Mar 2012

Gove has now identified 96 Primary schools and 65 secondary schools which are to become sponsored academies, many against the wishes of staff and pupils. We have looked at the GCSE results for these schools, it does not fill you with confidence.

8 Feb 2012

Of the 249 schools listed in the DfE data as ‘sponsor-led’ academies, almost a third are run by chains. So how are the chains performing?

6 Feb 2012

It seems that only 1 in 10 academies can genuinely claim to be achieving even quite good results for disadvantaged pupils.

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