Free Schools

29 Apr 2015

In March this year, Brighton & Hove City Council, without any consultation with the local community or teachers, announced that they had asked the University of Brighton Academies Trust to open a free school.

6 Apr 2015

David Cameron’s announcement that the Tories will expand their free schools programme is an illustration of the bankruptcy of neo-liberal politics – or what, in education, we call the ‘GERM’ – the Global Education Reform Movement.

24 Mar 2015

Hank Roberts, Union representative on on Brent Schools Health and Safety Committee has riased serious questions about safety at the Michaela Academy Free School in Wembley Park which opened in September 2014 but is still undertaking building works on the building while it is occupied by the Year 7 children.

20 Mar 2015

This evening, plans for a new free school in Brighton will be thrashed out by councillors.

9 Mar 2015

Free Schools: Policy Exchange report finds no positive effect for nearby schools – analysis from Local Schools Network