20 Feb 2012

This is the response that the DfE gave to a request for the list of Primary Schools that are threatened with being forced to become academies

12 Dec 2011

This is an example of a Freedom of Information request that has recently been made into a school which is being forced to become and Academy.

20 Nov 2011

The Freedom of Information Act, which came in to force at the beginning of 2005, can be a powerful tool in campaigning against academies and trust schools.

20 Oct 2011

If this scam was repeated across the 1,o00+ schools that have become academies, the taxpayer could be paying millions more for school insurance. The Secretary of State for Education needs to come clean about the figures.

23 Sep 2011

“NSN has not, is not, and will never answer a single FOI request made to us concerning anything at all.”

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