31 Jan 2013

More than a million children at academies and free schools could be eating unhealthy lunches because those institutions are exempt from tough food standards, council leaders have warned.
From The Guardian
Academies and free schools which opt out of national regulations are failing in their moral duty to ensure pupils receive healthy dinners, according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

25 May 2012

Who collates attendance figures and exclusion figures for academies?

21 Mar 2012

Do academies have to take excluded pupils?

7 Mar 2012

Gove has now identified 96 Primary schools and 65 secondary schools which are to become sponsored academies, many against the wishes of staff and pupils. We have looked at the GCSE results for these schools, it does not fill you with confidence.

7 Mar 2012

The Telegraph reports that the government have identified sponsors for 100 primary schools which they describe as ‘underperforming’ and are to be forced to become academies.

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