21 Jan 2014

The High Court has ruled in favour of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham halting the Secretary of State’s decision to convert The Warren Comprehensive School into an academy against the wishes of local residents.

17 Dec 2013

The monitoring of free schools and academies continues to cause misery for the DfE but more importantly for the children, parents and staff at Discovery – ordered to close less than two years after opening; at Al-Madinah described by Ofsted as chaotic; Kings Science Academy, Lincoln Priory, Barnfield … the list goes on. On 2 December the DfE refused a FOI request saying ‘recent press claims about the creation of regional regulatory bodies were speculation and based on out of date information’ , but just three days later adverts for the £140,000 commissioners appeared in the TES.

23 Oct 2013

By Stephen J Ball FBA AcSS
Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education
The history of English education is very much a history of social class. The 1944 Education Act, the wartime government’s response to the great evil of ignorance, did little to interrupt that history. Rather it brought about a very modest loosening of the relationship between social class and educational opportunity. This was partly in relation to the raising of the school leaving age and partly by allowing some working class students access to grammar schooling via the 11+ examination system

5 Oct 2013

For immediate release:
Tweets from today’s National Governors Association NGA conference suggest that Stephen Twigg, Shadow Secretary of State for Education,  in a marked shift in …

9 May 2012

What do the Local Authorities think about academies?

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