2 Dec 2011

The Department for Education has approved a private US education company to sell services to groups setting up free schools and academies in England Director of Edison Learning, Tim Nash, stated that “if the opportunity arose” the firm might want to manage schools, but that the outlines for running state schools for profit had not been clearly outlined as of yet.

28 Nov 2011

On average, charter schools are not performing as well as their traditional public-school peers, according to a new study that is being called the first national assessment of these school-choice options.

1 Nov 2011

Gove has approved a list of a dozen ‘preferred’ sponsors to take over schools he regards as under-performing. Among them are three leading American for-profit charter companies – EdisonLearning, K12 and Mosaic.

1 Nov 2011

In the 40 states that have charter schools, 24 of them require that teachers in those schools participate in the state’s retirement system. But in the other 16 states, the retirement benefits for charter teachers vary enormously, with some employers contributing nothing.

30 Sep 2011

A devestating article by American Charter school supporters in Detroit who say they are not working. “You can’t have an easier environment for charters to demonstrate their superiority. But they haven’t. Not even close.”