Academies commission

5 Jul 2014

David Ross has been named as a favourite for the role of Chair of Ofsted. His education trust runs 25 academies. 6 are in Special Measures, 7 require improvement. He has donated £200,000 to the Tory Party.

9 Jun 2014

As Michael Gove and the DfE continue to hand our schools over to private sponsors as academies, or allow ‘free’ schools to be opened by an assortment of individuals and organisations, it is worth taking a quick look at just how many of these people are closely associated with the Conservative Party or Gove.

18 Feb 2014

Police are investigating allegations of serious financial mismanagement at one of the Government’s academy schools, fuelling demands for stricter controls over their financing, The Independent has learnt.

8 May 2013

Do academies really receive the same amount of funding as non-academy schools?
It is a basic question, and very relevant to any assessment as to whether the coalition government’s best-known education policy is actually succeeding or not.
But, amazingly, we still do not have a categorical answer. It seems very difficult, then, to make any fair comparison between academies and their maintained (non-academy) school peer group. Moreover, as the Commons Public Accounts Committee stressed again in a bitingly critical report ( on the Department for Education’s management of the academies programme this week, large sums of public money seem to be being spent on the policy with relatively little transparency.

14 Jan 2013

By Terry Wrigley

The Academies Commission was set up by the Pearson Group and the RSA. It was widely expected to be a whitewash. It was explicitly set up not to question the academies programme but to help them work better.

Surprisingly its report has revealed very serious problems of achievement, school admissions, school improvement, how sponsors are chosen, financial irregularities, and poor management. It condemns the casual attitude of the Coalition Government towards academies, which are clearly a law unto themselves.

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