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Wandsworth Save Our Schools can be contacted by emailing saveourschools@btinternet.com
The website is:  www.wsos.org.uk

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18 Feb 2014

Is OFSTED fit for purpose? Do we over-test our children? Is “phonics” the best way to teach reading? Do we need SATs? Why is there a shortage of school places? Are standards falling in our schools? Can free schools solve the school place crisis?
27th February

31 May 2012

The campaign stems from the deep concerns of a group of individuals, horrified at what was being proposed, the speed with which it was being carried forward making it so difficult to object to, and the wholly inadequate way in which Wandsworth Borough Council have conducted themselves over the marketing of the land and the Public Consultation

27 Feb 2012

Wandsworth Save Our Schools welcomes the news that Katharine Birbalsingh has at last acknowledged what others have been warning for at least 2 months: that in the absence of a building, it would be impossible to open any new school by September 2012.

19 Jan 2012

The Michaela Community School (MCS) group is seeking to take possession of theTrident Business Centre, having lost their preferred site in Lambeth.

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