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28 Nov 2011

Norwich City Council have voted to encourage schools to hold a full consultation and ballot parents if they intend to become an academy. This is a step that we wouls encourage any council that believes in a democratic process to follow.

16 Mar 2015

On Saturday 500 people marched defiantly through the streets of Norwich to protest against the proposed academisation of the last remaining local authority secondary school in the city.

26 Mar 2015

The controversial decision by education secretary Nicky Morgan will spark fury in Lakenham and beyond, where a We’re Backing Hewett campaign has pushed for a local solution to the school’s problem.

But this is unlikely to be the end of the battle, for Norfolk County Council could now launch a judicial review against the order.

The academy order is the beginning of a process, and triggers local consultation. The move to academisation only becomes final when a funding agreement is signed, but opponents of the move will believe that to be a fait accompli.

15 Mar 2015

Hundreds of protesters have marched through Norwich city centre to show their opposition to a prominent high school becoming an academy.

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