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28 Nov 2011

the Headteacher of Tidemill has “exercised his professional judgment” with a resultant loss of ten days education for every single one of the pupils in his charge, and many working parents are now facing an unexpected fee of £200.

18 Feb 2014

Is OFSTED fit for purpose? Do we over-test our children? Is “phonics” the best way to teach reading? Do we need SATs? Why is there a shortage of school places? Are standards falling in our schools? Can free schools solve the school place crisis?
27th February

19 Dec 2014

Hundreds of pupils who marched to stop their school becoming an academy have been given a lesson in Lewisham politics – after their protests were ignored.

Around 400 Sedgehill School students, parents and staff picketed Catford town hall last week, handing in a 1,500-signature petition urging councillors not to remove the current governors and replace them with an interim board

4 Jun 2015

The Tories believe they have the wind in the sails. Morgan’s announcement of a new Education Bill is pure Gove: More “failure”, more blame, more academies, and more privatisation.

20 Mar 2015

NUT, NASUWT and GMB to strike next week Tuesday 24th and Weds 25th March against academy status.

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