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Lambeth campaigners against Free Schools can be contacted via their website or by email.

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18 Feb 2014

Is OFSTED fit for purpose? Do we over-test our children? Is “phonics” the best way to teach reading? Do we need SATs? Why is there a shortage of school places? Are standards falling in our schools? Can free schools solve the school place crisis?
27th February

10 Oct 2011

A group want to set up a free school on the old Lilian Baylis site. Here’s why a free school will not help this community or its children and why we should support our local schools.

14 Mar 2014

Protest 27th March. The DFE has bought 70% of the site where Brixton college, a community FE college, currently is situated. They have given it to a free school, or according to the local press, 4 free schools, to open on the site. Already over 500 signatures have been collected on a petition against this sell-off. Sign online at