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15 Jul 2011

A LEGAL threat by parents has forced an Islington school to abandon its plans to become a new academy – which would see it opt out of local authority control – in a move that observers say could have implications across the country.

17 Jan 2015

Trevor Averre-Beeson was the Head teacher at Islington Green and pushed through the move to academy status against fierce opposition from trade unions and the community in 2008. He has now written a book about his experience, called ‘We Don’t Need No Education – 101 ways to transform a school’ .

28 Jan 2014

Teachers at one of Education Secretary Michael Gove’s flagship free schools are staging a series of walkouts from Thursday over what they see as an attempt to introduce “zero-hour” contracts at their school.

2 Feb 2014

We believe that STEM 6 is the first free school to have faced strike action. We look forward to it becoming a model for how other such schools should be establishing acceptable relations with their employees and their trade unions.

4 Feb 2014

Following the Principal of STEM 6 effectively reneging on last week’s written commitment to recognise the NUT, the strikes planned for Wednesday and Thursday (and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week) will now be going ahead.

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