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7 Jul 2014

NUT members at Winterbourne Boys’ Academy are on strike for two days this week. They were on strike for one day last week and have announced a further 3 days next week. The school was taken over as an academy in April by Platanos Academy in Lambeth. Teachers are concerned with the amount of lesson observations, which have been at a rate of 3 per week. Management have cancelled talks that were planned for this week and have given no new dates.

5 Mar 2013

‘Roke parents are trying to raise funds to mount a legal challenge against the Department of Education. They want to fight off forced academy and …

18 Mar 2013

Parents and children to lobby Harris over hostile takover.

Roke School parents, children and members of the SAVE ROKE campaign will be lobbying the Harris Academy at 4.30pm on Tuesday 19th March

Parents will be available for interviews and photo opportunities

8 Mar 2013

Anti Academies Alliance supporters raise £600
PARENTS and governors from Roke Primary are mounting a legal challenge to fight the Government’s plans to handover the running …

25 Mar 2013

Parents protesting Government plans to force their children’s primary school to become an academy took their fight to the headquarters of their proposed new partner this week.

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