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PDE_23April_facebookThe government’s introduction of the White Paper, Educational excellence everywhere, plans to make all schools across England academies.

This is a privatisation of our schools. It will see: the removal of all school governors and therefore parental input in to schools, the deregulation of all schools staff’s pay and conditions, and an end to university based training for teachers and Qualified Teacher Status.

Lucy Powell, Labour Education Spokesperson said, ‘Labour will fiercely oppose these proposals and will work with the NUT to campaign against them’.

There are other issues concerning parents: school testing has now reached such a height with the introduction of Baseline testing in Nursery and a testing regime that carries on through children’s primary career including the SPaG test and SATs which mean that our children are the most tested in the world and are said to be the most miserable children in the world.

Download our sign up sheet for use in schools. Encourage others to sign up.

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Parents Defending Education

We are very pleased to have received the backing of the NUT and the ATL for our meeting. In that light and because of the very good response to our original proposal we have decided to rebrand the meeting as Parents Defending Education. Speakers: Michael Rosen, Kevin Courtney (NUT), Mary Bousted (ATL). If on mobile Scroll down for green ‘Register’ button.

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A risky experiment with England’s school model


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New drive for academies flies in the face of the evidence


The announcement has been made that there will be legislation unveiled in the budget to turn every school in England into an academy independent of local authority control .

Draft legislation, to be published possibly as early as Thursday will begin the process of implementing a pledge made by David Cameron in his conference speech last autumn.

This flies in the face of any evidence about the validity of the Academy model as a vehicle for school improvement. This starts with the Education Select Committee who said that ‘There is at present no convincing evidence of the impact of academy status on attainment in primary schools’.

NEW!  The Schools Business by Matthew Bennett

Essential background reading.

Barely under Control: Jenny Turner on the privatisation of schools

Free Schools: Dawn Foster

The Schools Privatisation Project

Reports, including facts and figures with conclusions drawn. These documents are all very well written with good readable graphics.

A Guide to Regional Schools Commissioners

Academies: It’s time to learn the lessons

Academies and maintained schools: what do we know?

A Guide to the Evidence on Academies

What works in enabling school improvement? The role of the middle tier

Slightly more Academically written Reports

Sutton Trust Report – Chain effects

Henry Stewart’s Blog

Forcing schools to become academies will mean more “inadequate” schools and worse results


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Plan the fight back! Sign the Petition! March on the DfE!


‘Something must be done!’ cry the Tories saying our children are languishing in ‘failing council-run’ schools  . And their ‘something’ is privatisation – the academisation of every single school in England.

We say ‘something must be done’ about this attack on our democracy – now is the perfect time to fight back. The government is in disarray over Europe and the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of their welfare cuts. Now is the time to strike back against the ideological privatisation of our schools – this is the same government that is decimating our public services and hammering the NHS and its junior doctors.

Parents, teachers, support staff, governors and pupils understand the significance of the government’s proposal and tens of thousands have signed petitions calling for a public inquiry into academies and for the forced academy programme to be scrapped. Because they have over 100,000 signatures, Parliament must now consider whether to hold a debate.

In a less than polished performance on BBC TV’s Question Time, Nicky Morgan claimed that, thanks to the academies programme, 1.4 million more pupils were in good or better schools. But the vast majority of those children are in primary schools. Primary school governors have by and large rejected academy status – so the government’s response is to freeze out elected parent governors.

Even heads of academies doubt the wisdom of forcing all schools out of local control. Even they see the need for the independent local authority to ensure fair admissions especially for the most vulnerable children.

The government tells us in these days of austerity that it can’t afford to support two systems of schooling – but it can find millions to finance the conversion costs. That’s £50,000 per school that has to be spent on lawyers and accountants and not a penny on education. And nothing this government proposes will allay parents’ concerns about the weaknesses of the academy system: selective admissions; provision for children with special needs and disabilities; off-rolling to preserve league table positions; huge executive pay packets; disappearing headteachers, attacks on the professionalism of teachers, mergers and acquisitions.

Now is the time to fight back:

Sign the petitions into! Share the petitions!

Rally against forced academies this Wednesday!

Birmingham, Waterstones Bullring: 5.00pm

Bournemouth, BIC: 5.30pm

Coventry, DfE Offices, The Butts: 4.30pm

Derby, City Council House: 5.00pm

Lancaster, Museum Steps: 5.00pm

London, Westminster Cathedral: 5.30pm

Luton, Town Hall: 5.30pm

Newcastle, Grey’s Monument: 5.00pm

Nottingham, Brian Clough Statue: 5.30pm

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