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The last community secondary in Norwich is fighting the prospect of becoming an academy with the Inspiration Trust, headed by Tory donor Lord Agnew, and recently linked to stories about Ofsted tip offs, Vera Wang tea sets and GCSE results. Parents have called a protest on Saturday 14th March.

Free Schools: Policy Exchange report finds no positive effect for nearby schools – analysis from Local Schools Network


The Prime Minister is set to announce on Monday plans for at least 153 new ones on top of the 255 already open


David Cameron’s announcement of yet more free schools is an illustration of the complete bankruptcy of neo-liberal austerity politics – or what, in education, we call the ‘GERM’ – the Global Education Reform Movement.

free schools cartoon

David Cameron is set to announce the expansion of the free School program with proposals for a further 153 free schools. This article brings together some of the recent examples of free school problems.