What is Labour’s academies policy?

What is the Labour Party’s policy on academies?

With continuing political instability in Westminster prompting speculation about an early general election, the question is more than a matter of academic interest.

As the party launches its latest consultation on plans for a National Education Service, here is what you need to know:

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Should Regional School Commisioners have a ‘cooling off’ period before taking new jobs?

Regional school commissioners should have a “cooling-off period” before joining academy trusts to avoid any conflict of interests between the roles, says a former government adviser.

It was announced on Monday that Lisa Mannall will be the fifth RSC to jump ship to join a trust.

She will stop overseeing academies in the southwest in the summer to become chief executive of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust (Celt), which will run schools in her former RSC patch.


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Academy ‘loses’ 194 special needs pupils

A chain of academies is facing an investigation after the number of pupils with special educational needs at one of its schools fell by 194 in a year.

The Department for Education said it was “concerned” after an analysis by The Times uncovered the reduction at the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy.

The academy said that some children with special educational needs (SEN) had left while others had been reclassified as not needing extra support after the Inspiration Trust, a Norwich based chain of 13 academies, took over the school in September 2017.


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Where have the pupils in mainstream schools with education, health and care plans gone?

Last month I published a blogpost about Progress 8 scores for pupils with special educational needs met by a statement or education, health and care plan (EHCP).

A throwaway remark that “over half of pupils with SEN met by a statement/EHCP in the 2017 Year 11 cohort were in special schools” surprised a number of readers who know far more about provision for pupils with SEND than I do. Cue much double-checking of my calculations. Reassured, I thought I’d take a look at what’s being going on over the last few years.

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Revealed: “exceptional” £150k-plus salaries are nearly ubiquitous for leaders of England’s 20 largest academy trusts

Revealed: “exceptional” £150k-plus salaries are nearly ubiquitious among the leaders of England’s 20 largest academy chains. My new analysis of their 2017-18 accounts shows average top pay of CEOs at 20 largest chains was £203.5k.

Article Author Warwick Mansell


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