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lewisham academy protest

Three unions in four Lewisham schools took another day of strike action today, stepping up their action in protest at the academisation of their schools. The picket lines were lively and strong and strikers went and delivered leaflets to local primary school parents.

birbalsingh and gove

Hank Roberts, Union representative on on Brent Schools Health and Safety Committee has riased serious questions about safety at the Michaela Academy Free School in Wembley Park which opened in September 2014 but is still undertaking building works on the building while it is occupied by the Year 7 children.


Teachers and parents from a primary school in Willesden chained themselves to railings during a second strike today over plans to convert to an academy.


A feature of academy schools and academy trusts has been the involvement of universities as sponsors. The prospect of a university sponsor may seem more palatable than a private multiple academy trust (MAT) but do universities necessarily make good sponsors?

Department for Education study will fuel election debate over impact of academies and free schools. Only eight out of the 20 academy chains responsible for more than 240 individual schools examined by the Department for Education are producing above average results at GCSE or equivalent, according to the first systematic government attempt to grade their performance.