Queen’s Speech – all to fight for, NO to Academies!

aaa Announcements in Queen’s speech

• Moving towards a system where all schools are academies, and all schools are funded fairly.

• Converting schools to academies in the worst performing local authorities and those that can no longer viably support their remaining schools, so that a new system led by good and outstanding schools can take their place.

• Setting the foundation for a system in which all schools are academies, putting our great school leaders in charge of running and improving schools to improve results.

• Moving towards a system where every school is an academy through powers to convert schools to academies in under-performing and unviable local authorities.

• Making the process of becoming an academy swifter and smoother for schools and local authorities.

• Setting out a new role for local authorities, by shifting responsibility for school improvement from the LA to great heads and others in the school system.

It is important that anti academy campaigners step up the fight, Nicky Morgans attempted  to impose forced academies on all schools has exposed the governments plans to millions of people. A large number of parents have become active in opposing these plans. Morgan was forced to swerve as she recognised the huge opposition that stood in her way. The new proposals are intended to accomplish the same but in a more piecemeal way. We have forced them to change plans once we can force them to drop these proposals. Academies are no solution to school improvement. The NUT ballot on the effects of academisation on teachers and schools is to be welcomed. Parents can support by by organising protests and meetings. Say no to forced academies!

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Researcher looking for help

If you work or are a parents at a Harris Academy a well known researcher is looking for data. If you have any stories that you would like to share please contact us in confidence at Anti Academies email address.

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Morgan finds reverse


Nicky Morgan’s retreat on total academisation by 2022 is a humiliation. Like Gove before her, she now has to face reality: right wing ideology does not make good education policy. All the rhetoric about choice, markets and autonomy are really just hot air. The market cannot be trusted to deliver high quality education for all.

We have won a partial retreat – it is an important victory. But piecemeal academy conversion will continue unless parents and teachers fight every attempt to convert.

Too many heads and governors are using bogus excuses to convert. There is no good reason to convert. Even where schools are struggling, the evidence shows they are turned round faster if they remain with local authorities.

Nick Gibb and Nicky Morgan will now have to explain how they will make this chaotic system of different providers work. How will academy chains and MATs be made accountable? How will the needs of SEN children be protected?

When promoting the White Paper, Gibb and Morgan argued that it was not possible to sustain this unaccountable and chaotic mixed economy. They said full academisation was the answer. Now that has been rejected, are we going to move to an accountability framework that applies to all schools equally and administered locally?

Nicky Morgan has crashed the gears into reverse in order to avoid defeat. But she is still not fit to drive the car. #nickymustgo

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Meetings organised around the country against academies

A4Following the brilliant meeting of 200 parents at the Parents Defending Education event a number of other rallies have been organised.
There will be PaDE meeting in Liverpool on Monday 9th May. This is followed by a meeting in Manchester on 14 May. There are also a number of local meetings being called.

No to Forced Academies in Stoke Newington:

You will probably be aware that the Government is planning to force all schools (including primaries) to become academies. This proposal seriously threatens to undermine the essential character of our children’s local schools by compelling them to become part of privately run academy chains. The proposals also remove the rights of parents to be represented on school governing bodies, and would reduce the training given to teachers.

Understandably, the Government White Paper has been met with widespread opposition. A national campaign is being launched, sponsored, amongst others, by Michael Rosen, the NUT and some parent groups.

We are a small group of parents in the Stoke Newington area who want to organise in support of this campaign and in support of keeping all our children’s schools, primary and secondary, locally run. We want to work with Hackney NUT, and other local bodies who support these aims.

As a first step we are inviting you to a meeting to explore the potential for mounting a campaign and thinking about ways we can raise awareness amongst other parents:

Wednesday 27 April at the 125 Bar (downstairs room) on Church Street (opposite The Red Lion Pub) at 7pm

Please let me know if you:

· would like to be added to an email list of interested parents

· can come along on Wednesday evening

Please forward this email to any other parents you know who might be interested in getting involved.

Jane Coles (I have a daughter at Stoke Newington School)

Email: j.coles@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Jane Coles

web image 960x400Public Meeting in Ealing.

Thursday 12 May.
Speakers Julian Bell, Leader of Ealing Council
Alan Gibbons, Author
Stefan Simms, NUT
Plus a Junior Doctor


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Jeremy Corbyn says ‘oppose academies’

corbynThe Conservatives are trying to force the academisation of all our schools. This is a top down re-organisation, costing over £1 billion – without a shred of evidence that academies improve standards – that teachers, governors and parents do not want.

At a time when the education budget is being cut for the first time in twenty years, Labour wants money spent on driving up standards.

This weekend, Labour will be campaigning to stop academisation and for investment in education. So, if you believe education matters, if you believe all our children matter, if you believe that every child has a right to go to a local school and do their best and succeed – join us, Labour, in opposing academies.

Watch the video here

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